Disney x Game of Thrones

In honor of my love for Disney and Game of Thrones, here are my top Disney x GoT mashups from our many trips to Disneyland

1. Morning gathers and now my watch begins…

2. The line is long and full of terror

3. You know nothing Mickey Mouse

4. Nap time is coming

5. When you play the game of fastpasses, you win or you cry

6. A dad doesn’t concern himself w the opinions of the children

7. Mama mama mama… A mom is no one, a mom has no name

8. I am Sami, first of my name, king of the rides, eater of ice cream, buyer of toys, cryer of tears, and brother of dragon

9. I have a tender spot in my heart for princesses, princes and magical things

10. And now my cash has ended

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