Arcellx Appoints Rami Elghandour as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Over the past nearly 2 years I’ve had the privilege of reconnecting with my family and friends, working to make an impact on gender equity, and exploring new ideas and learning. I knew I wanted to focus the next adventure of my life on something that will change the world. In my view over the next decade there are a few things that can and have captured my interest. Autonomous driving, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, next gen consumer/internet, cell and gene therapies, and Fintech/crypto. I was fortunate to be able to explore a number of opportunities across these spaces and find one that checks all the boxes for me. Working to create a world where cancer is curable is incredible. And within that world finding something that’s truly disruptive and working with a Board and team who have shared values is all I could ask for.  

I’ve been fortunate in my career to identify disruptive innovations and develop the strategy, people, culture, and execution to maximize their impact. I can’t wait to do that at Arcellx, Inc. and look forward to partnering with the team for a fulfilling journey!

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